Eat, Train and Be Happy

When it comes to the holiday season, people often rethink their dieting and jump in with both feet at the buffet table. While you might think that’s the easiest way to gain weight, the good news is that you can still lose weight while enjoying many of the pleasures of food the holidays bring. In other words, it’s time to eat, train and be happy. Eating healthy isn’t dieting. Diets always end but eating healthy doesn’t. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t have any of your favorite foods. However, portion control of those foods is important.

Learning to make substitutions helps.

Do you love sour cream on your baked potato, but believe that you can’t even eat the potato, let alone have on slathered in sour cream. Think again. When you’re eating healthy, you’ll still be able to eat the baked potato, but instead of sour cream, save a few calories by using Greek yogurt. White rice has more calories than brown or wild rice, swap them out and still enjoy your meal. Many of the ideas only save a few calories, but all those saved ones add up!

Fill up on whole foods.

Whole foods are foods that are the least processed. Hang around the veggie plate and eat as much as you want. Have a fresh apple ready for a snack. It’s all good. You can’t have too many segments of fresh oranges or grapefruit. In fact, you’ll probably get full before you could do that. Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as frequently as you want. While you’re at it, have plenty of water too.

Exercise is a great equalizer.

If you’ve worried about your metabolism being too slow for weight loss, rejoice! There’s a way to change that. When you exercise regularly, not only does it burn calories while you’re exercising, it also builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does, so you’ll be burning more calories 24/7. When you train, you’ll be able to eat and still be happy with your weight.

  • While you may change how you eat, many people find there are still some favorite foods they love. You don’t have to give up everything when you learn to eat healthier. If you love junk food, you can still eat it, but not as frequently as you do now.
  • You’ll be amazed at how you’ll start loving your new way of eating. Many people say they lose cravings for their old way of eating after a short time.
  • Exercising on a regular basis can help eliminate stress. Often stress can cause people to eat, just as depression can. The foods consumed when under stress or depressed are often comfort or high calorie foods. When you work out it burns off the hormones created by stress and lifts your spirits.
  • Enjoy. Life is meant to be enjoyed. As you build up your fitness level, you’ll find you walk taller, feel better about yourself and feel good about yourself. Eat healthy, train and be happy.

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