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They will be your source for footwear, apparel, and running accessories.

They will be your source for footwear, support, state-of-the-art analysis, nutrition, education, training, and a shared passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Sonja is an ambassador of this organization which provides addiction recovery solutions through funding existing treatment scholarship programs along the continuum of care. By engaging individuals in sporting events worldwide we foster a healthy lifestyle and begin to break down perceptions of those struggling with the disease.

Sonja has trained people of all ages and abilities for nearly 20 years. A skilled fitness programmer, Sonja holds Personal Fitness Training Certifications with ACSM and AFAA as well as AFAA specialty certifications in Youth, Senior, and Pre-Natal Fitness. Sonja is also an ACE Certified Health Coach which allows her to work with the allied health field caring for clients with more critical needs such as Diabetes, Lupus, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Auto Immune conditions and many other health challenges., Inc. is a public charity for international competition for athletes 30 years or older.

Upcoming events and resources for runners of all ages in the Atlanta area.

Foot, Ankle & Leg Specialists of South Florida

Reliable public resource and education body for wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

National race calendar, running news, and results

Online race registration, race calendar, and articles.

Race results, race calendar, and running news

Find your next half marathon adventure anywhere in the world!

Running Magazine

Official publication of USATF in Florida. Packed with race calendars, news, results, entry forms, state rankings for 5k-Marathon & much more!

Runner’s writing about running and answering your questions.

High school track and cross country info, rankings and up to date statistics

Premier high school and college track & field and cross-country network

Return the Mile to prominence on the American sports and cultural landscape by elevating, celebrating and creating a Mile Movement

Track and field videos, news, articles, blogs, and results. Social networking and coaching software for track athletes including running logs. Pro, college and high school

Author of Elite Minds and renown Sports Psychologist & Motivator

They carry the latest in running shoes, apparel, and accessories.

Running Clothes and Accessories

They carry almost all of the major brands in running footwear.

They sell nutritional items along with running shoes and apparel.

Hydration Belts & Running Accessories

A mega-store of various running apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Through this site you have access to products from Star Trac, StairMaster, Nautilus, and Schwinn.

Fox Spine & Sports medicine
Dr. Chris Fox

Sports Acupuncture Therapy