Premier Private Coaching Plan

Personal Coaching Plans: Ready to Reach a New PR?

Coaching is no longer just for the pros.

Here’s what’s included with each Premier Private Coaching Plan:

Premier Plan


  • Training Plan Changes & Log Review
  • Monthly Progress Analysis
  • Race Strategy
  • Individualized training plan (uploaded to an interactive APP every 2 weeks)
  • Cross-Training Protocols for use during injury or to supplement cardio volume.
  • Training Philosophy & Physiology Basics
  • Race Strategy & Plan Development Guidance (Including Imagery & Visualization)
  • Detailed Performance Nutrition & Supplement Guidance
  • Personal Online Coach
  • Individualized race strategy and/or imagery sessions
  • Unlimited contact
  • Custom Strength & Core Workouts loaded to an interactive APP designed specifically to compliment your running performance & to support injury prevention.

Premier Elite Plan

Includes everything for the Premier Plan PLUS your choose of the follow:

Weekly Group Training Workout (4 workouts total) OR

A monthly private consulting session via Skype) regarding form, race strategy, training progress, etc.

    Testimonial Picture of Pamela Moron (2)

    Pamela is a hard working mother of two young boys who has an infectious, energetic personality. She is brave and adventurous and one of Coach Sonja’s favorite clients to work with! Pamela also competes as a Triathlete so Coach Sonja merges her running workouts with her swimming and biking. The primary focus is on improving her running stride efficiency to help her develop more speed with less effort over time. Pamela began working with Coach Sonja in August of 2018. In just two short months they have accomplished quite a bit together including a shiny new 5k PR!

    “Hi Sonja! I want to share my happiness with you! After many, many months of running 5ks in 26-27:00, today I finally run under 26:00! I was pleasantly surprised because my last mile was not my slowest as it usually is. My heart rate was still high but I wanted that PR and was able to push through! I am so happy! Thank you again for your help and training plan. You are the best!”

    “Sonja…. I am so excited!!  I ran another PR today!!!! Never thought I could run sub 8:00/Mile pace in a race, but I did it today!!!! My official time was 24:19 for 5K. I’m so thankful for your advice and amazing training program!”

    Pamela Moron
    Testimonial Picture of Fran Durst Nachlas (2)

    Fran started working with Coach Sonja in May of 2018. Amidst frequent summer travel, a slight tendon issue and a VERY full schedule as a community charity leader, RN, Triathlete, and devoted wife and mother, Fran reached her goal on 9/9/18 of reaching a BQ at the Erie Marathon in 3:57. She bettered that time a month later at the Chicago Marathon running a 3:51:55. Coach Sonja will have her ready for a 3:45 or better in Boston 2019!

    “Huge thanks to my amazing coach Sonja Friend-Uhl, who believed in me even when I was letting doubt creep in…”

    Fran Durst Nachlas