Treadmill Vs Sidewalk

Every week or so I get a question about the comparison, treadmill vs sidewalk when it comes to running. Both of these have advantages, so don’t sell your treadmill in a garage sale yet or go out and buy one either. Getting the best type of running shoes for each type of running is imperative and often people find training both ways is beneficial. If you’re training for a race, there’s nothing as beneficial as outside running, particularly if you live in an area with similar terrain.

When running on a treadmill inside, you don’t have the same wind resistance you have outside making it easier.

Of course inside you also have year around good weather, so it makes it a good option for those who live in colder climates where sometimes the winter snows can interfere with training. You can set the treadmill to overcome the wind resistance by increasing the grade 1%. Even hot days can play havoc with runners, especially unseasonably high temperatures. Unless you’re training for a marathon in very warm areas, working out for a few days inside can help.

You can preset and simulate a race course on some treadmills.

While you can create a race simulation by choosing a place that has similar terrain as your next race, you can do it with more precision when you run on a treadmill that allows you to preset the workout. Program in the change of incline into your treadmill, but if you don’t have that option, chart it and do it manually as you run.

Running outside is more invigorating and enjoyable.

I simply love the outside running. I enjoy the feeling of the breeze on my face and the sights that surround me as I run. I even get a better sense of community when I run through the streets of my city, because I pass many people I know who take the time to wave. There is nothing more pleasurable than running unfettered outside, it’s always interesting. Too often people take up running on a treadmill and quit quickly because they find it just plain boring. You won’t have that problem when running outside.

The surface area is always even on a treadmill. That can help prevent injury but doesn’t give you the same challenges as running outside.

If you’re faced with injuries, a treadmill can help you get back on track without putting as much pressure on the knees.

Seasonal allergies might force you to stay on a treadmill until the pollen clears the air. Don’t forget the incline button when you do.

Always choose the best type of running shoes for the conditions you face and your running styles. You’ll run better and be less prone to injury.

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