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    “Vanderbilt school record of 4:42 in the mile”

    To me, Sonja is a friend, coach, mentor, and inspiration. Not only is Sonja extremely knowledgeable in her field, always searching for new ways to achieve optimum performance in running, but she is a living example of how putting her training to work can achieve amazing results. With the master’s world record in the mile and countless other accolades under her belt, Sonja keeps striving for personal excellence and expects the same from her clients, whether that means reaching your goal weight or breaking 4:45 in the mile.

    In the time that I’ve known Sonja, she has helped me push myself to places I didn’t believe I could go. With the right training and encouragement, I was able to run the Vanderbilt school record of 4:42 in the mile, and qualify for NCAA regionals, as well as PR over a minute in my 5 and 6k times, leading my team to nationals two years in a row. Through all of this, Sonja has remained one of the best and loyal friends I have ever had. She has truly made it her mission to make a difference in the lives of others, and she certainly has in mine.

    Sarah B.
    Senior Captain and member of Vanderbilt University's Cross Country and Track teams.

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