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    “... at 40+ I was the most fit I had ever been”

    At 33 with some encouragement from a friend I began running, I was also a pack a day smoker and carried extra weight. My first half marathon at the age of 36, as a smoker took 2:17. After several years of being a non-smoker my best half marathon, at the age of 41, took 1:31.

    With some work on my part, and help of others, I was able to achieve some of my best running after being a runner for 8 years.

    5:47 Mile July 20, 2012 (was working with [Sonja])

    Sonja has coached me through different fitness needs over the past few years. I found myself running 5 to 7 days a week, and slowly putting pounds back on after settling into routines and habits. It also seemed that my running was at a plateau.

    Sonja has been able to help me reach very measured, and specific nutrition goals. I felt that I could trust the plan and coaching I was given from Sonja as someone who “walks the walk.” The benefits of focusing on my nutrition with Sonja had better results than I had expected.

    My workouts were beginning to feel easier, and my speed was continuing to improve. I felt lighter in general, and at 40+ I was the most fit I had ever been.

    At a local level and races out of town I was starting to earn age group placing or master’s division wins.

    I had a better understanding about fueling and nutrition before or after a run. Sonja gave me suggestions on products that would help with pre and post running recovery. The support that I’ve received has been mostly online or over the phone, I am not a local client. Sonja has always been prompt to respond to a question, or at my request, over the phone.

    I believe if you “show up” and are specific with your needs and goals, Sonja will deliver and uphold her side of the work!

    MaryClare M.

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